Sporting Events

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The best care

We are able to provide fully kitted Medical teams for sporting events including First Aiders, temporary First Aid rooms or tents, Response Vehicles, Cycle Responders, Paramedic staff and Doctors.


We will use the guidance from both the latest version of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, RunBritain Medical Guidance, British Traithlon Federation Medical Guidance etc to create a risk assessment (if you want us to) and from that write a comprehensive medical plan appropriate to the size of your event which will include major incident planning. 

Your event will be assigned a named manager who would normally be a registered healthcare professional with experience of medical management. On the day you will get a chance to meet your team and they set to work well before spectators arrive.

your assigned medical manager and site supervisor (if medical manager off site for small events) maintain a decision log and all patients have individual patient report forms completed.

At the conclusion of your event we will collate all of our data and create a post event medical report which you can use to assist in the planning process of further events.

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