About Us

Our values, vision and mission

At Role 1 Medical, we are steadfastly dedicated to safeguarding health and saving lives.

As a trusted provider of Ambulance Services and Event Medical Cover, our team of professionals is committed to offering the highest standard of medical care across a wide array of environments.

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Role 1 medical crew outside an ambulance

Our Values

  • Professionalism

    Upholding or surpassing the public image of the sector through Professionalism.

  • Respect

    Keep the patient at the forefront of our decision ensuring we deliver person centred care.

  • Dedication

    Doing things the right way for the right reasons even when it isn't the easiest.

  • Integrity

    Exemplifying honesty, transparency, and high ethical standards in all our actions.

Our Vision

Role 1 Medical strives to redefine the independent ambulance sector through superior care.
We aim to lead patient transport services, easing pressures on NHS and private health trusts, while maintaining patient-focused care as our core principle.

Our Mission

Our mission at Role 1 Medical is multi-fold. We aim to provide high-quality, innovative ambulance and clinical services at sustainable prices.

We envisage leading the independent ambulance sector through patient-centred care, dedication and excellence.