Festival Medical & First Aid Cover


Getting the balance right

Festival medical support often finds itself providing more than just simple plasters and being on standby for chest pain. For the duration of your festival your medical provider is the gateway to all the health needs for festival goers. That includes providing paracetamol for aches and pains. Providing the same service as a minor injuries unit if necessary to clean and close open wounds. To hold and observe patients safely who have become intoxicated through whatever substance and if necessary providing emergency resuscitation led by a nurse, paramedic or doctor depending on the size of your event. 

Role 1 Medical is a paid subscriber to the purple guide. We provide First Aiders to patrol your event site making people feel safe. We provide advanced first responders on foot or response cars to react to emergencies. We provide “pit crews” as the purple guide calls them, a trained team to operate in areas of high footfall who quickly react and extract casualties before they get trampled or injured further. We provide fully kitted Medical Centres led by nurses, paramedics or doctors as required to deal with the range of medical complaints and concerns that will become an issue over a persons festival experience. Ultimately if required as a CQC regulated Ambulance provider we can convey to hospital in our fully equipped blue light capable ambulances.


We are also able to provide a welfare team that stops small problems become big or ensures that once a problem is resolved by our medical team the medics can handover and the care the individual receives gets them all the way back to safety.

All of these things combined makes us the right choice for your festival.


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