Our Vision

Role 1 Medical Ltd will grow to lead the independent ambulance sector demonstrating excellence in all that it does. Through professionalism, dedication, integrity and respect Role 1 Medical Ltd will regenerate trust in the independent ambulance sector.

Growing within the fields of patient transport including high dependency and mental health we will ease pressures on NHS and private health trusts by ensuring they can move patients in a timely and safe manner to maximise the use of resource. This combined with event medical services and a preparedness to deliver frontline services will reduce pressures on frontline NHS ambulance services by preventing bed blocking and reducing 999 calls.

All of this will be driven by the desire to provide the best patient centered care in partnership with other healthcare services and ensuring patients can get the right care given by the right people in a timely manner.


Our Missions


To deliver our customers high quality, innovative ambulance and clinical services whilst delivering value through sustainable pricing.




To provide our employees and workers opportunities for personal growth and development in our high quality professional service.

To create a growth business leading the independent ambulance sector driven by patient centered care and excellence.




To provide the community a quality trustworthy independent ambulance service able to respond to the changing needs of the public and private organisation’s that serve them.


Upholding or surpassing the public image of the sector through Professionalism.

Our Values



Keep the patient at the forefront of our decision ensuring we deliver

person centred care


doing things the right way for the right reasons even when it isnt the easiest.


Leading through honesty and example