Event Medical Cover

We are able to provide an appointed medical provider service for your events nationwide. From initial planning meetings, preparing the medical plan, assigning your event a dedicated medical manager if needed, coordinating and providing the medical cover on the day and then attending the post event debriefs we are with you 100% of the way.

Role 1 edical working pitch side
Pitch side/Ring side

We can provide suitably qualified pitch side first aiders/health care professionals to support these types of events and you'll find our prices competitive yet realistic for the service you want.

Road Running & Triathlon

We are familiar with the UK athletics association medical guidance and will happily work with yo to provide a safe running event. We can provide references where we have covered these types of events.

MTB, Cycling and Motocross

Our medical teams are accustomed to trauma and and have some of the best trauma management equipment around including traction splints, opiate analgesia and advanced airway management skills.

Festivals, fayre's & fun days

We are a paid subscriber to the purple guide and will work with you to write your risk assessment and provide appropriate cost effective levels of cover for your events big or small.

Nightclubs / Parties

Staff trained to provide emergency care to those intoxicated through alcohol and other intoxicants. Onsite medical cover compliments your security team freeing doorstaff to prevent ingress of undesireable individuals while the medical team manages those that have overdone it or simply become unwell. Onsite medical teams have been shown to uplift the perception of establishments offsetting the tougher image of your security team.