We value your FEEDBACK

Although we aim to provide a high-quality service, there will be times when we do not get it right. We encourage you, our patients and families, to get in touch with us when you believe that our service has not been as it should.

We welcome the opportunity to learn from these situations and to use them to improve future services.

What you need to know:

"Feedback Only" is a less formal way of raising concerns with us, and provides a way for you to give your feedback in a more simple way. It indicates to us that you want us to hear what happened, but do not want to enter into the formal complaints process with us. It is appropriate for those who, for example, might be discouraged by a formal process. Nevertheless, we will still take your concerns as seriously as a formal complaint.

A Formal Complaint indicates to us that you would like to enter into a dialogue with us about what happened, and would like to receive a formal response to your complaint. Due to data protection and confidentiality, we will require consent forms & a copy of your identification.

If you want to send us positive feedback instead, please use this page.